Please describe your quality process:

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We have QC staff at each facility that review production at several stage areas. We also require our Customer Service staff to review and inspect the sample copies prior to mass production.

Do you send via Third Party Ordering?

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Yes. We currently send direct to customers (customer) for 70% of our POD printing.

If needed, we can place invoices in the shipping box if the 3rd party orders are post-bill or packing slips if they are pre-bill. In addition, if we receive PO’s (purchase orders) we can provide POAs (purchase order acknowledgments) and ASNs (advance shipping notices).

What are your fulfillment strategies?

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PG is in the process of developing a wholesale web-based model. We have a first stage book store that we have been using for retail and wholesale.

We currently send directly to customers daily using a variety of shipping methods. We also send product to Amazon, Ingram and Baker and Taylor for our customers. This process is on behalf of our customers and is supported by robust reporting.

Do you offer inventory management?

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Yes. PG has an inventory system currently in use and running in all 3 locations. Currently, we use the inventory system automatically by fulfilling orders through our workflows when inventory is available to ship. We can customize our inventory system to fulfill your requirements. Web portals can be created so you can view your inventory.

Describe your reporting capabilities.

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Customized reports will be created for OUP to deliver the information needed. 1st print Reports are available on web site for download. These reports can also be generated and distributed upon customer request.