Publishers’ Graphics manufactures high quality books.  The same sustainably sourced materials that are used for a short run order are used for POD books.   Automated ordering, either online through Instant Quote, or electronically, via XML, CSV and EDI, drives the workflows through the manufacturing processes as well as the shipping documentation.    


Products for POD and Short Run: 

High quality, four color and monochrome printing 

Premium Quaility Inkjet and Toner Printing


Mechanical Binding 

Volume/Set Packs 


French Folds

Pin Codes and Variable Data




CD bind-ins 

500+ trim sizes and up to 2.25” bulk 


Services for POD and Short Run: 

Global Print Solutions Member reaching the UK and Europe

Pick and Pack Distribution and Warehousing

24/7 online quoting and ordering with 24/7 tracking 

Electronic ordering via XML, CSV and EDI 

Customized programming solutions, including PO, POA, and ANS data exchanges 

Certified Amazon Direct Fulfillment Partner 

Ship to all major wholesalers